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Sheologie is a movement of women who are rooted in God's Word and cultivated in contemporary culture. We crave an encounter with the living God that ignites a holy passion to transform our everything.
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Enjoy the immersive, all inclusive Sheologie women’s event Saturday, May 28. Here’s what to expect – There will be heartfelt worship and teaching by Rebekah Lyons throughout the entire day, the Lovely Market featuring local vendors, catered lunch from Chick-fil-A, a meet & greet – book signing with Rebekah, and personalized-to-you workshops in between.

Rhythms of Renewal Spring Gathering With Rebekah Lyons

Saturday, May 28 – 9am to 2pm

Schedule for the Day
8 am – Pre-check in, vendors, coffee
8: 30 – Sanctuary Doors Open
9 am – Worship, Teaching with Rebekah Lyons
10 am – LIVE PANEL
11 am – Workshops
11:45 – Lunch Break & Meet with Rebekah – Book Signing
1 pm – Worship & Rebekah Lyon’s Teaching Pt. 2

Don’t Miss Our Workshops

What does a Balanced Life look like to you? Do you need to overcome Impostor Syndrome and Rest in who God says you are? Ever find yourself looking for a way to Release the Pressure by finding ways to take physical and actionable steps to Compose Yourself in the Thick of It? What about Finding Your Voice Through Creative Expression? We want to help you get to a place of renewal. Select one of the 4 workshops below to learn more about what they are…

Rest In Your Identity - Overcome The Impostor Syndrome

What exactly is the impostor syndrome, and have you ever felt like that? The impostor syndrome is the act of doubting your own abilities and feeling as if you are a fraud. I’m sure we have all been there whether it be in a new job position, leadership role, or even in our walk with Christ at times. In this workshop, we will be going over how we as followers of Christ overcome the Impostor Syndrome and start Resting in our Identities in Christ.

Release the Pressure - Find Composure in the Thick of It

If a water heater accumulates too much pressure, guess what –it explodes. We as humans are very similar in the sense that when we are under pressure, there is a high probability of reaching our limits and exploding. In the midst of those moments, the most intense portion of a battle or situation, we must find our composure. Join us as we discuss ways to find composure in the thick of the battles we face on a daily basis.

Rethink Your Way to Structure - To Live a Balanced Life

As women, we come in seasons. Meaning that our lives as we know it can change in an instant whether it be stepping into a new career, getting married, being a helpmate, starting a business, having a child, learning new skillsets, and so on. Sometimes it may be easy to lose our footing in all the directions we are pulled. In this workshop, discuss ways to formulate your own rhythm with the hustle and bustle, and all the many seasons God is bringing you into.

Renewal In Creation - Find Your Voice Through Creative Expression

In the story of creation, God says we have been made in His image. The beauty of that is as the Bible takes us through the story it is revealed that God is an artist, a designer, a creative, a builder, a musician, a poet… He has called us to be creative, and creativity does not look like one way or form. In this workshop, we will discuss how that looks different for each person as we work hands-on something that we can all do as creations called to create. There is power in the beauty of freeing yourself through creative expression. Let’s find that creative voice together!

If you’re an artisan or maker or know someone who is, apply here to have your work featured at one of our Bible studies or special events.

Your Host

Rebekah Lyons is a national speaker and bestselling author of books such as Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose. She’s an old soul with a contemporary, honest voice who reveals her battles against overcoming anxiety and depression—while inviting others to both discover and boldly pursue their God-given purpose. She is a mother of four and as she finds joy in raising her children alongside her husband, Gabe, she also wears her heart on her sleeve, allowing for a deeper connection with both friends and readers alike as well

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