Coffee & DIY - Week 4 - May Day Succulent Cone - Sheologie
Sheologie is a movement of women who are rooted in God's Word and cultivated in contemporary culture. We crave an encounter with the living God that ignites a holy passion to transform our everything.
Sheologie, women, ministry, Calvary Church, Albuquerque, Lenya Heitzig
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May Day Succulent Cone


1. Small succulent
2. Two square pieces of paper
3. Tape or glue gun
4. Ribbon
5. Small card
6. Floral card holder


Step 1: Place the succulent in the middle of one piece of paper.

Step 2: Begin folding the edges to the opposite sides of the paper.

Step 3: Fold the edges down and tape or hot glue in place.

Step 4: Repeat with the second piece of paper.

Step 5: After both papers are folded and taped or glued, grab your ribbon and tape it to both sides like a basket.

Step 6: Wrap another piece of ribbon around the paper and tape or glue it.

Step 7: Hand write an encouraging note and place it into the floral card holder.

Step 8: Give it to someone!