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Sheologie is a movement of women who are rooted in God's Word and cultivated in contemporary culture. We crave an encounter with the living God that ignites a holy passion to transform our everything.
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What’s In Your Closet?

Fashionistas forecast vibrant colors and graphic patterns will fill the department stores this spring. There’s even talk of fringe. But before you jump on the furry footwear trend (yes, it’s a thing), make sure you’re outfitted with foundational pieces, like the belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness.

Because this spring, armor is the new black.

Queens of the Bible

As believers, we often seek to grow in our faith, but lost opportunity, challenging circumstances, and unforeseen heartbreak can sometimes cause a breakdown in our walk with Jesus. In this series, Lenya Heitzig explores the faith and failings of prominent women in the Bible and teaches how to walk in the Spirit and cultivate an enduring faith through every season of life.

Nature Sings | Sheila Walsh – 2021 Winter Gala

Prepare your heart to celebrate Christmas with Nature Sings, a message from our annual Winter Gala. Believers naturally think about going from earth to heaven. Christmas begs us to consider the opposite: the moment heaven came down to earth.

Special Elements from Nature Sings – 2021 Winter Gala

Prepare your heart to celebrate Christmas with these special elements from Nature Sings, our annual Winter Gala. Believers naturally think about going from earth to heaven. Christmas begs us to consider the opposite: the moment heaven came down to earth.

Heart Songs (There’s A Psalm for that)

Human experience is an emotional experience, and the book of Psalms gives voice to the full range of God-given emotions, especially those we feel during times of struggle. In this teaching series, Lenya Heitzig looks at five psalms that speak honestly about love, jealousy, longing, fear, and security. Learn to depend on God’s love and power in every season of life and find comfort in the songs and poems of the Psalms.

Wildflowers: Unique Women of the New Testament

In a world that’s gone virtual, a world in which popularity is often based on followers, likes, and shares, it can be tough to find true significance. We all want to be loved and accepted just as we are and at a deeper level than social media allows. In fact, we were created by God to crave significance and purpose. Join us for our new Bible study, Wildflowers: Unique Women of the New Testament, as we take a look at rare women of the Bible and the wildflower they each represent to discover our true significance.

Prayers like Incense

Bring God’s point of view to your prayer life with Sheologie’s Prayers like Incense: Where Your Prayers Meet God’s Perspective. In this five-week series, Lenya Heitzig looks to Scripture to find the key qualities of effective intercession as we reimagine the potential of prayer.

A Winter Wonderland 2020

Did you know that snow is heaven-sent? Lenya Heitzig looks to Isaiah 55:10 to encourage us to let Jesus into our hearts to cover our sins with His righteousness, much like snow from heaven covers the earth’s imperfections. Snow has a longer-term purpose, too. It brings forth a bud that blossoms into fruit.

Chasing Vultures

As believers, we desire to grow in our relationship with God, but we often don’t recognize the struggles in our lives that hold us back from walking in faith. In this four-week series, we discover how to identify and neutralize the doubt, delay, dismay, and darkness that eat away at our faith.

Holy Moments - Recognizing God's Fingerprints in your life

Holy Moments

We’ve all experienced a chance meeting, a timely text or phone call, or an unexpected financial or material gift. It’s tempting to chock such things up to good luck or coincidence, but these are actually holy moments—God’s work in the details of everyday life. In this five-week series, Lenya Heitzig teaches us how to recognize God’s fingerprints in our lives and transform our perception of His presence in our daily routines.

Girl Talk

Women face unique challenges in this season of social isolation, and these ladies want to talk about them all. Get real with Lenya, Lindsey, and Janaé as they have down-to-earth conversations with perspectives from different life stages, plus godly insight and encouragement.

Campfire Girls

Campfire Girls: Gifts of the Spirit

Admit it: you are gifted. You are! And even if you don’t know which unique skills and abilities God has given you, you can be certain that He has given you everything you need to accomplish His plan for your life.

Like a Dove Series

Like a Dove: The Spirit-Led Life

We’ve all tried to find peace, practice patience, and force self control. What if we’re trying too hard? What if the fruit of the Spirit is right at our fingertips? In the series Like a Dove, Lenya Heitzig explores the book of Galatians to determine how we can live a Spirit-filled life every day.

Breakout Sessions

Enjoy our breakout sessions below.

Leadership as a Christian woman
Ways to Re-define clean
Between Two Fiddles: Rediscovering Albuquerque
The raw reality of starting and running businesses
The art of meal planning
The Fruit of saying Yes!
Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad – Celebrating the Joy of Christmas – Debbie Alsdorf

The Christmas season is supposed to be a joyful time, but for many, the holidays only amplify the griefs, illnesses, financial problems, and personal disappointments that we or our loved ones are experiencing. In this message, Debbie Alsdorf shares how you can live in the joy of Christ—a joy that can transform not just your Christmas but your entire life.

This is God

This Is God: Face to Face

Knowing who God is can completely change your perspective, not just of Him but of who you are in Him. Join Lenya Heitzig and Sheologie as we study some of the awesome attributes of our great God—incomparable, untamable, indescribable, and unchangeable—and what they mean for your life.

Breakout Sessions

Enjoy our breakout sessions below.

Networking as a Christian Woman
Time Management
Holiday Tips & Tricks
Work-Life Balance
Practical Ways To Be Angry
Life Hack/Time Hack
Fashion Tricks and Tips

Your Teacher

Lenya Heitzig is an award-winning author, popular Bible teacher, and a sought-after speaker at women’s conferences and retreats worldwide. She delights in seeing God’s Word result in God’s work in the lives of women. She and her husband, Skip, founded Calvary Church, where Lenya serves as the Executive Director of Sheologie and Reload Love.

Lenya Heitzig

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