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How To Plan A Party!

October 2, 2023 / Found in: Blog

Steps to planning any size of party in one checklist. This list will ensure your money and efforts are allocated to the right areas to maximize your time and effort. Every part...

New Mexico Chile Winning Recipe

September 22, 2023 / Found in: Blog

New Mexico Chile is one of the top reasons to visit NM. Yes, more than its landscape and watermelon-colored sunsets. After all, the New Mexico state question is Red or Green. ...

The Personal Approach to Organization

The Personal Approach to Organization 

September 8, 2023 / Found in: Blog

Guest Writer: Compose Your Space Peace, Passion & Productivity Organization is a topic of conversation throughout the country and likely the globe. This morning I Goo...

Taste Of The Holy Land

September 6, 2023 / Found in: Blog

Jerusalem-Taste Of The Holy Land is located at 1690 Rio Rancho Blvd SE Ste B. Rio Rancho, NM. They offer a wide array of fresh food – mashawi combo, gyro entree, lamb shank...

Be Brave

Be Brave

September 20, 2022 / Found in: Devos

“Courage is knowing the worst – and discovering that, in God’s world, the very worst can’t really hurt you”  -George Smith. Joshua was exploring new land -a completely ...

The ABCDs of Raising a Toddler

The ABCDs of Raising a Toddler

August 22, 2022 / Found in: Blog

I love toddlers. They don’t hide their emotions. They are direct and oftentimes embarrassingly blunt about things. And they see the world in interesting and humorous ways. But ...

When It Seems Impossible – Week Three: Behold Big Problems

July 11, 2022 / Found in: Devos

When you focus on the giants in your way, then you’ll be sure to stumble (Num. 13:32-33). When you focus on God, then giants will surely tumble. (Num. 14:9). Behold Big Prob...

When It Seems Impossible – Week Two: Bank On Big Promises

June 27, 2022 / Found in: Devos

“But Jesus beheld them, and said to them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26). There are many times where God fulfilled promises...

When It Seems Impossible – Week One: Belief in a Big God

June 13, 2022 / Found in: Devos

Here’s the thing. We can listen to x amount of motivational speakers, read y amount of self-help books, and still be left with ZZ’s—a complete lack of motivation. Here’s an ...

The Proverbs 31 Woman: What Is Her Why?

October 25, 2021 / Found in: Devos

In our previous two posts on the Proverbs 31 woman, we've looked in detail at all the things this virtuous wife and mother does. But I think we can get so caught...

Franchesca Bayne

Sheologie Director

Franchesca Bayne serves as Sheologie's program director by overseeing the daily operations of women's ministries and organizing and hosting programs/services such as prayer groups, connect groups, Bible study, retreats, outreach programs, and outbound communication. She also facilitates support services and/or performing community outreach to attract new members. Franchesca has an AS in accounting, BA in Christian Foundations, and MA in Christian Counseling.

She was born and raised in New Mexico, and is married to her best friend, pastor, and business partner. Together, they have two incredible teenagers, Maddie and Declan, who also serve in ministry. She has a heart for the people, the broken, the misunderstood, and the everyday people just like her. She loves to build community. Franchesca's spoken at many events and loves to share the light and love of Jesus in truth. Franchesca passionately lives to lead others to Christ as she follows Him and calls it "A Journey" as she lives out being a Christian in the many hats she wears: daughter, sister, auntie, mom, wife, pastors' wife, life coach, community leader, and friend. Her hobbies include, pick-up games of basketball, softball, canoeing, and international cooking styles. You can stop by her office anytime to say "Hi" and see what's next, or for prayer.

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Madison Newcomb

Sheologie Bible Study Coordinator

Madison was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a heart for both women's and children's ministry and loves seeing them eagerly pursue the gospel. Discipling those who God calls to her brings her pure joy. She is passionate about women finding their confidence and identity in Christ alone. Madison loves teaching kindergarteners in Calvary Kids on Sunday mornings, spending time with family and friends, gardening, and brunch.

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